A World Between Us

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This is a free event and open to all, so no ticket is required.

About this event

A World Between Us was developed by Heston & Cranford Local Advisory Group with artist Becky Warnock in early 2020. The purpose of the project was to support the Hounslow community in a time of isolation and physical distancing, and to encourage confidence when discussing mental health and asking for help.

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Running over the winter Covid-19 lockdown months, weekly photography workshops, zine-making and writing workshops encouraged participants to explore the intersections between communication, physical isolation and photography.

Together, they explored different techniques and ideas which led to the creation of personalised zines and larger pieces which are exhibited here.

Each zine reflects the participants’ emotional and physical journeys over lockdown, as they find new ways to connect to their homes, loved ones and communities. The posters illustrate specific moments in this past year, becoming visual embodiments of the participants’ explorations of language, imagery and communication in fresh and nuanced ways.

You will be able to find copies of the zines across Hounslow libraries and at Salisbury Cafe and The Hub at Beavers Estate in West Hounslow throughout Summer 2021. They are free, and we encourage you to take a copy.

View the exhibition online

This exhibition is part of CPP Hounslow’s VISUAL ARTS PROGRAMME of visual arts exhibitions in libraries and cafes across the borough. To get involved, please contact daisy@watermans.org.uk

Image by Lorey Eley, 2020/21

This is a free event and open to all, so no ticket is required.


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