Futuristic Towers at Dusk Exhibition at Brentford Library

Company: Creative People & Places Hounslow
Artist(s): Irina Limar
Running Time: Until 9 April 2024, open during usual venue opening hours
Price: FREE

This is a free event and open to all, so no ticket is required.

About this event

Futuristic Towers at Dusk is an exhibition of photography by Irina Limar. This series of photographs captures the tectonic high-tech architecture during foggy evenings and dusky skies in Canary Wharf, a renowned central business district near the Isle of Dogs in London. The choice of Canary Wharf was inspired by its grandiose high-rise towers, evoking a futuristic atmosphere reminiscent of sci-fi movies. 

This series draws inspiration from iconic science fiction films such as the German expressionist film Metropolis (1927) by Thea von Harbou, The Fifth Element directed by Luc Besson, and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982). These films present unique views of futuristic city landscapes, each with a distinct visual style characterised by extremely high skyscrapers, massive infrastructure, and a dynamic atmosphere. These influences helped Irina find ideas and techniques that guided her towards a cinematic, otherworldly aesthetic. 

An important figure who impacted Irina’s visual perception in photographing city buildings ‘from below up’ is Aleksandr Mikhailovich Rodchenko (1891-1956). Rodchenko saw the camera as an eye that could respond to the modern world and get rid of the ‘old point of view’. He proposed that there are other interesting viewpoints, those ‘from below up’ and from ‘above down’. The photographs were shot digitally using a wide-angle manual lens, keeping the aperture wide open to ensure sufficient light reached the lens at night time. 

The project aims to evoke a sense of wonder and transport viewers into a world where the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred, just like in the movies that have inspired this work. 

About Irina Limar 
Irina is a final-year BA Photography student at University of West London (UWL), passionate about capturing the beauty of landscapes and the essence of people through documentary photography. 

Her approach is straightforward and clear, with the goal of telling stories through her lens, showcasing the unique narratives of both the places she explores and the individuals she encounters. 

About Creative People & Places Hounslow’s Visual Arts Programme 
The Creative People & Places Hounslow Visual Arts Programme presents new and original exhibitions in libraries, cafes and other public spaces across the borough. CPP Hounslow is a consortium led by Watermans. Visit www.hounslowvisualarts.org.uk for more information

This is a free event and open to all, so no ticket is required.


Click here to find full details for those with access requirements.

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