Little Red Robin Hood (4-9yrs)

Company: Garlic Theatre
Director: Steve Tiplady
Cast: Mark Pitman
Running Time: Sun 19 Nov, 3pm
Price: £8 (£7 Concessions)

About this event

‘What big eyes you have….grandma’

Where Oh where has Little Red Riding Hood gone and can brave Robin Hood save the day?

A merry mix up in the forest involving a missing Red Riding Hood,  false teeth and a frying pan. What is that  lurking behind the trees? Is it the Sheriff of Nottingham or the big bad wolf?

Garlic Theatre bring you a quirky version of the well loved tale of Little Red Riding Hood with beautifully crafted glove puppets, slapstick and generous helping of clowning and musical delights.

Music:  Iklooshar Malara

Design: Michaela Bartonova



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