Live Streamed Music Event: Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues 40th Anniversary Party

Running Time: Thursday 20 August, 8pm. Approx 120mins. You'll be sent a Zoom link to join the event.
Price: Free. Please donate if you can.

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About this event

Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues is London’s longest running club. We can’t get together in one room so let’s go digital and celebrate 40 years of amazing music in one big Zoom party.

West London legend Gaz Mayall will DJ with friends and bring along two jumping jiving cool bands to celebrate in a special concert for the longest-running club in the whole of the UK.

Over the years Gaz has worked with THE Clash, Lee Perry, Toots, Prince Buster, and more.

On 20 August, he’ll be bringing along the BLACK KAT BOPPERS and THE MARCHING SKALETONS and he’ll DJ himself on some vintage 1970s decks from the Soho Club itself.

The Black Kat Boppers quite simply play hard boppin', jump up, rockin' blues, dance music! Authentic, real, raw and unique. Big on the festival circuit, from Glastonbury to Notting Hill.

The Marching SKAletons are an eight piece Day of the Dead inspired band from Brighton. Equally at home on a stage or weaving through the festival crowd, their celebratory musical fusion of ska, Latin and even eighties pop gets the audience up and dancing.

Plus guest DJs: 

Natty Bo. Number one resident DJ at Gaz’s soho Thursday night residency at St. Moritz for 20 Years. A natural showman, natty dresser & lead singer in bands such as The Top Cats & Natty Congeroo & the Flames of Rhythm.

Gaz’s brother Jason Mayall aka The Cumbia Kid specialising in vintage Colombian classics.

How to Join
Simply book your free ticket and by 5pm on the day of the event, we’ll send you a Zoom link which you can click on to join the party via Zoom.

About Gaz Mayall
Gaz Mayall DJ's and hosts London's longest running one-nighter Gaz's Rockin Blues which launched in July 1980 after a few guest appearances at the Two-Tone club, Oxford Street in 1979.

The eldest son of Blues legend John Mayall, Gaz was raised on a musical diet of R&B and was dragged around every beat, pop & rock festival and venues throughout the sixties as a child. First becoming a lifelong fan of reggae as a kid on the football terraces in the skin head era circa 1968-72.
Gaz began collecting records aged 17, bulk buying cheap reggae and ska collections down street markets such as Portobello road and Brick Lane at a time when it seemed no one wanted them.

Also a great fan of boogie woogie, rock'n'roll, traditional Irish music, funk and world music, Gaz, heavily influenced by a family friend, Radio One DJ and blues musician Alexis Korner, pursued his love of music in earnest and now has a world famous collection of predominantly black dance music ranging from the first tribal drum beats to the latest drum & bass.

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