Logopolis: Digital Journeys (8-12yrs)

Running Time: Tue 1 Aug & Tue 8 Aug, 1-4.30pm.
Price: £16.50

About this event

Coding and digital drawing fun with award-winning artists Genetic Moo. Discover Turtle Programming Language (also known as LOGO) and use it to create your own city of Logopolis, with roads, waterways and tunnels. Then populate Logopolis with your own animated sprites. Make them wriggle, swim and fly!

Draw, measure, code to create your world…

Imagine you’re a turtle with a paint brush attached to your belly. As you travel forwards you leave a trail of paint. As you move and turn an intricate pattern emerges. Welcome to the world of Turtle Programming languages (also known as LOGO). You’ll create physical and digtal maps by designing a turtle programme using pens and papers, and also basic computer code. Your turtle programme will be uploaded to Logopolis where it will draw out roads, waterways and tunnels.

Draw freehand and digitally to populate your world…

In this activity, you’ll create simple animating sprites to populate Logopolis. Design them to wriggle, swim or fly. Your sprites will be uploaded into Logopolis where they will travel through the roads, waterways and tunnels and change behaviour in response to what they encounter.

Please note that adults do not need to accompany children for this workshop. However, all children must have a signed parent consent form in order to attend. This should be returned to the Box Office on booking and can be Downloaded Here.

About Genetic Moo

Award winning artists Genetic Moo have been creating interactive art since 2008 using computer code, graphics, sensors and projection. They fill spaces with digital creatures which respond to the space, the audience and to each other. They try to engage with the audience in as many ways as possible and they often include workshops in the mix – inspiring the next generation of digital artists. Importantly the results of the workshops are then fed into the show, making the participants instant digital artists. Recent workshop commissions include Dreamland, Folkestone Fringe and GEEK.



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