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Tenderly Towards the Tipping Point

Artist(s): Kaushal Sapre, Mohit Shelare, Sonam Chaturvedi, Aasma Tulika, Bazik Thlana
Running Time: Fri 20 October - Sunday 14 January, 12.30pm - 7pm (excluding Mondays, Tuesdays)
Price: Free

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Tenderly Towards the Tipping Point

Artists: Kaushal Sapre, Mohit Shelare, Sonam Chaturvedi, Aasma Tulika, Bazik Thlana

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How can an exhibition occupy time?

Watermans presents a group of leading contemporary artists from India with a radical approach to the use of a wide variety of media in their art.

Tenderly Towards the Tipping Point brings together a multitude of artistic responses to time and the imposition of time.

The five artists and their work draw on their differing experiences of inhabiting a conjointly lived time. As people, some of us welcome a structure as to how we spend our hours, days, weeks, months and years and others resist the imposed order to embrace a kind of resistance. 

The artists have focused their enquiries within the fragile ecologies of contemporary South Asia, especially in and around the dense matrix of Delhi but these are potentially universal.

In a poetic response to the question of time the artists mimic the social organisation of spiders, where individuals spin webs taking each other’s constructions as scaffolding for improvising more and more architecture. 

A brief moment of contact with a fingerprint sensor produces a landscape untouched by human time. 

A vending machine requires payment in 'time'.

How much time does it take to crochet an impossible granny square? 

A mnemonic recalling of tyrannical time produces amnesia using typewriters and gunshot sounds. 

An exhibition becomes a zone for folding time. 

Mohit Shelare is a practitioner investigating the body and its documentation. The intersection of performance and its recall with diversity informs his work. His methods of rethinking the event problematize the designs of understanding. He is aware of the politics of exclusion and underlines the modes of resistance in his actions. He is interested in the technology of biopolitics. Shelare has a BFA degree from the Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai (2015), and an MFA from Shiv Nadar University, Uttar Pradesh, (2017). 

Kaushal Sapre is an artist based in Delhi. He is interested in how technology reconfigures social and individual experiences, especially in the context of the digital milieu. He responds to these questions by hacking into technological artefacts using programming, DIY electronics, image and sound processing and other creative research based practices such as drawing and text. He is also especially interested in sound and makes his own digital and physical instruments. Sapre has an MA in visual art practice from Ambedkar University, Delhi (2017) and has a background in engineering and physics.

Sonam Chaturvedi is a multi-form art practitioner and educator. Her practice taps into the experiences of time and durationality in the present-day loops of constant continuities, connectivities and consumption by creating intimate recesses of association, participation and play. She is interested in understanding what role time plays in the current economic structure predominantly dependent on converting each hour into production time. She has studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts-M.S. University, Baroda and Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida.

Aasma Tulika is interested in moments that disturb belief systems, and how mechanisms of control operate in such encounters experienced in everyday life. She locates technological infrastructures as sites to unpack the ways in which power embodies and affects narrative-making processes. Her practice engages with narratives that circulate on social networks and mass media, to record and draw out experiences of ideological disorientations and slips. She has been a fellow at the Home Workspace Program 2019-20, Ashkal Alwan and participated in ‘Capture All: A Sonic Investigation’ supported by Liquid Architecture, Melbourne, and Sarai, Delhi. She is a member of the collective -outofline-, and collaboratively maintains a home server hosting

Bazik Thlana is a visual artist and an academic researcher  from Mizoram, based in New Delhi. Lalthlanchhuaha a.k.a. Bazik Thlana defines himself as a socially conscious eccentric – owning a conscious refusal of a centrally defined axis as well as an unconventionality to his practice. Precariously positioned between urban living and tribal roots, his work draws inspiration from the unique space he occupies. 

Catalysts: Raqs Media Collective

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