Children's theatre

The Great Race!

Company: A Thousand Cranes in association with artsdepot
Running Time: Sun 3 May, 3pm; Running time: 50 mins
Price: £10 (£9), Family tickets available

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About this event

A wonderfully creative introduction to Japanese culture for children.

This show is inspired by the traditional story of The Great Race which tells how the eastern Zodiac calendar was created.  Legend has it that the Jade Emperor asked twelve creatures to race to decide which years they would be charge of, according to the order in which they finished. Ranging from a dragon to a rat, they each travel in different ways depending on their physicality and nature. The children watching will be able to discover their birth creature and watch to see where their creature is placed and why.

Performed by two Japanese actors combining original music and Taiko drumming with traditional dance and puppetry, The Great Race shows how not only speed, but also kindness and courage help you cross the finishing line. In a life where achievement is often emphasised, the show aims to share with children the importance of taking part, not simply winning.

Parents- go and see this show –it works like a dream
★★★★ Remote Goat
A perfect introduction to Japanese culture for young children
The Japan Society

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