Travel Unravelled Exhibition 2017

Running Time: Wed 23 Aug - Sun 1 Oct, 10am - 9pm
Price: Free

About this event

Summer Creative Programme for Young People

River Weekender: there will be two drop-in activities in the gallery during the weekend to add to our exhibition. Come and join in!

This exhibition is the creative culmination of our summer programme Travel Unravelled, created by young people. This programme included three innovative weeks of workshops and free drop in activities inspired by visual artist Emanuela Marcu, who built the life-sized boat installation in the gallery. The concept of the celestial globes and boat installation was created by Francesca Camozzi in collaboration with Emanuela Marcu.

This was then brought to life by our young participants, with the theme of travel unravelling throughout each workshop and activity.

Young people created artwork, digital design, dance and music inspired by our world. They worked across a range of art forms including printmaking and collage, painting, Bollywood dancing, sculpting, coding, African drumming, samba and robot making. Throughout the programme we ran free drop-in activities around the building, including: sea and waves, spirograph drawings, postcards to the world, travel tales on our giant world map and graffiti wall doodling.

The programme was a huge success with over 500 attendees. The aim of the project was to bring together a range of young people from different backgrounds for creativity and fun. Travel Unravelled was designed to fully integrate young people of all ages and abilities-each with equal opportunity to develop their creative selves. Our support worker ensured that the workshops were accessible, and our artists worked creatively to involve each and every participant.

Why not come and see for yourselves. Take a look around the exhibition and let us know what you think.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make this programme including, our support worker, the people who donated money via the crowdfunding, GSK for their generous support, the artists who led the workshops and most importantly of all the young participants who took part in the workshops.



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