Puzzling, alienated pictures of dreamy excursions in nature are mixed with news reports from scenes of people frantically fleeing false and real terrorist attacks. The film is sequenced as a colourful digital kaleidoscope, evoking an anxiety scenario that depicts the loss of the senses. We live in a fragmented world where personal and public perception collide and appear as a soup of incoherent memories.

Artist bio

London-based artist, video editor and lecturer Guli Silberstein (b. 1969, Israel) researches the moving image by creating digital video experiences since 2001. Guli received a BA in Film from Tel-Aviv University in 1997, a MA in Media Studies in 2001 from The New School University, New York, USA, where he lived in 1997-2002, and since 2010, he is based and settled in London UK. His works are characterised by processing personal recordings, found footage, and mixes of both to create reflections regarding social-political issues and human perception. The videos have been shown and awarded in numerous festivals and art events worldwide, and a selection of it is included in Sedition Art’s curated selection alongside Bill Viola, Yoko Ono, Rioji Ikeda, Tracey Emin and others.

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