Children's Theatre on Sundays (Sept-May), lots of creative fun in workshops and courses, and family cinema on Saturdays and in the holidays. We want families to have a great time at Watermans so come and see us soon!

Children’s Theatre

Children's Theatre

Baby Special – Glisten (0-18mths)

25 Apr

A gentle and immersive multisensory experience. Come in, relax, find a place and settle. Slowly, a shimmering surface emerges. What […]

Children's Theatre

Hansel & Gretel (3+yrs)

28 Apr

Deep in an enchanted forest, everybody’s looking for something to eat. A tasty treat, a sticky sweet – some children’s […]

Children's Theatre

The Story Game (6+yrs)

05 May

Today he’s going to tell you a story – but he has no idea what it is. No title, no […]


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