Children's Theatre on Sundays (Sept-May), lots of creative fun in workshops and courses, and family cinema on Saturdays and in the holidays. We want families to have a great time at Watermans so come and see us soon!

Children’s Theatre

Children's Theatre

Jay Foreman’s Digusting Songs For Revolting Children (6-11yrs)

25 Feb

As heard on BBC Radio 4, Radio 4 Extra, and as seen on The One Show, London Live TV and Dave Gorman's UK/Ireland […]

Children's Theatre

Much Ado About Puffin (4-8 yrs)

04 Mar

On a small island… In the middle of the big sea… A man meets a bird. Join Open Attic as […]

Children's Theatre

Finders Keepers (4-8yrs)

11 Mar

Two twits, one junkyard and an unexpected surprise! Hot Coals are back with their unique brand of cartoon for the […]

Children's Theatre

Comedy Club 4 Kids (6-11 yrs)

18 Mar

The ever popular Comedy Club 4 Kids were a huge hit with audiences in November and Watermans is delighted to […]

Children's Theatre

The Sagas Of Noggin The Nog (5-11 yrs)

25 Mar

The Sagas of Noggin the Nog   In the Lands of the North where the Black rocks stand guard against […]

Children's Theatre

Sourpuss (3-8 yrs)

08 Apr

Sourpuss is a very grumpy, ginger cat. When shut out of the house he feels lost and confused, but the […]

Children's Theatre

Simon Mole In Friends For All (5-11 yrs)

15 Apr

A story about having the confidence to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in. When being that […]

Children's Theatre

Penguin (2-7 yrs)

22 Apr

 Long Nose Puppet’s show Penguin is based on the award-winning book by Polly Dunbar. Ben is delighted when he rips […]

Children's Theatre

John Hegley: All Hail The Snail (And Othe Creatures (7-11 yrs)

29 Apr

A humorous journey through poems, songs and animal drawings. You've got no teeth. You're underneath the roof that you carry […]

Children's Theatre

Susannah and the Sunflower (4-9 yrs)

06 May

Susannah loves flowers. A gardener who dreams of flowerbeds full of colourful blooms but can’t seem to make anything grow. She […]


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