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Author: Klio Krajewska
Thursday, 14 May 2020
As Head of New Media Arts Programming, I curate the Main Gallery at Watermans which is internationally known for its cutting edge new media arts programme, in particular for supporing the work of young artists.  But I wear another hat as a curator at WRO, a leading Polish arts centre.
During the lockdown WRO, in Wroclaw,  is adding a new video every day from its extraordinary archive. It ranges from the documentation of a workshop to a city walk, from a field recording to a performance or installation in public space. 
Already in lockdown for 60 days with 60 videos and counting! Every week there is a different subject that is explored – from the body to the sound through the revolt of the machines…
I particularly recommend Bradley Garrett’s (from the Guardian) city workshop “Exploring the Hidden City” (day 4) and the documentation of the performance “Second Body” by the incredible Anarchy Dance Theatre from Taiwan (day 8). 
“Predictive Art Bot” by (day 49) has been recently shown also at Watermans.  Predictive Art Bot is an algorithm that uses current discourse as a basis to create concepts for artistic projects and, at times, prophesize absurd future trajectories for art.
The WRO Art Center features regular presentations of contemporary art intertwined with the development of communications tools and processes. Organizer of WRO – International Media Art Biennale (established in 1989). 

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