All our latest press releases are listed below.

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2024 Press

PRESS RELEASE – Watermans Fire Statement 5 June

PRESS RELEASE – Public Announcement About the Closure of Watermans

2023 Press

PRESS RELEASE – Bell Square 2023 21 October – 18 November Performances

PRESS RELEASE – Bell Square 2023 Outdoor Performance Season Update

PRESS RELEASE – Bell Square 2023 Outdoor Performance Season Announced

PRESS RELEASE – Defibrillator Gifted to Watermans by London Pump Technology

PRESS RELEASE – How Ten Years of Creative People and Places Has Helped Build a Colourful, Confident and Creative Hounslow

2022 Press

PRESS RELEASE – ACE announces continued Funding 2023 – 2026

2021 Press

PRESS RELEASE – November 19 2021 Watermans Receives Grant from Culture Recovery Fund in Round 3

PRESS RELEASE – Watermans Receives Grant from Culture Recovery Fund in Round 2

Watermans Relocation Statement April 2021 – Planning Permission for the Watermans Site is Upheld by the Secretary of State

2020 Press

Watermans Press Release – Digital Weekender November 2020

Watermans – Children’s Theatre Commission Announcement November 2020

Press release – guest speakers at Watermans cinema club – July 2020

February 2020 Statement on Relocation

Press release – Friday Nights Live Spring 2020

Watermans Press Release – Exhibition – Data Dating

2019 Press

Press release – Winter-Spring 2019 Friday Nights Live Launch at Watermans

Bell Square 2019 Press Release – free outdoor arts in the heart of Hounslow now in its 6th year

Arts Council England: Creative People and Places Announcement 2019

2018 Press Releases

Shanzhai Archeology – New Exhibition at Watermans March 2018

September 2018 Bell Square London press release FINAL

Cabaret Nights at Watermans – Spring 2018

Watermans With Words book festival – Simon Singh & Helen Czerski

Spring live events listings

Wonder of Words – Summer Programme for 4-16s

Friday Nights at Watermans – Autumn 2018

Digital Weekender 2018 & Alexander Whitley Dance Company

2017 Press Releases

Watermans is awarded £1m of further CPP funding – Arts Council Press Release

Digital Weekender – FAD Magazine review of Whist

Digital Weekender at Watermans 2017

Patrick Tresset Exhibition 2017

Watermans Cabaret Nights Press Release – Sept 2017

Watermans Statement on Relocation September 2017 FINAL

Watermans Statement on Relocation – 21 June 2017

Spring 2017 Watermans Cabaret Nights

Esther Rolinson Exhibition June 2017

Summer 2017 Edinburgh Preview Comedy Nights at Watermans

Hounslow Dance Groups perform at Lyric Hammersmith in Ignition Dance Festival – press release


2016 Press Releases

Gauhar performed by Primetime Theatre Co.- Watermans Arts Centre Press Release final

The Railway Children Press Release Watermans Arts Centre

Watermans Spring Family Season & Listings

Circulate consortium led by Watermans awarded 3-yr ACE funding

Exhibition Whats in a Line By Andrea Tierney

Dennis Morris press release Feb 2016

Exhibition – Juan delGado – Altered Landscapes – 2016

Press release – Morphogenetic Creations – Andy Lomas Exhibition 2016

V&A acquires Andy Lomas work from Watermans curated exhibition Sept 2016

Watermans Autumn Children’s Season 2016 Press release

2015 Press Releases

Watermans Relocation Discussion March 2015

Watermans Dinosaur Week 2015

Watermans River Weekender 2015

Watermans Fun Palace 2015

Watermans Digital Performance Weekender 2015

Watermans Christmas Show Kipper’s Snowy Day 2015

Bell Square 2015:

150402 Bell Square 2015 launch press release (1)