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Creative People & Places Hounslow is part of Arts Council England’s national investment in engaging new audiences in the arts, in areas where there is little or no access to arts and culture. In Hounslow, the approach has been to work from the grass roots up with the vision of creating a confident, colourful and creative Hounslow. Watermans leads the Creative People & Places consortium in Hounslow. In this section you can see some of the projects that have taken place since we started in 2015.

Drop-in Drama: Benson & Estridge Estate

Hounslow Community Choir

The Hounslow Community Choir brings together singing enthusiasts of all abilities from across the borough.

BBC Get Creative Weekend

CPP is a BBC Get Creative partner, celebrating the talent, creativity in Hounslow and around the country.

An Overview of Creative People & Places Hounslow

Engaging new audiences in the Arts in Hounslow to create a confident, colourful and creative borough.

Winter Lights

The Winter Lights Festival is a partnership between Brighton based lantern specialists Same Sky and CPP (Creative People and Places) in Hounslow.

Fun Palaces

Fun Palaces is a national movement dreamt up by cult 1960s director and social activist Joan Littlewood and revived by Stella Duffy to celebrate the artist and scientist in us all.

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