Bangkok, the inhabitants of the Din Daeng quarter are waiting for their expulsion.
Their housing estate is going to be demolished to give way to the construction a shopping mall. Facing this political censorship, the inhabitants use a silent form of expression. They adapt their own revolutionary song using a music score coded with light signals, emitted by torches flashed from the windows of their buliding.
Displaying humaine reality in a state of emergency, this silent chant, inaudible, is a final message of freedom and resistance.

2010,  7 min.

French artist Bertille Bak (1983) is known for her attachment to the observation of society, to the precise analysis of a field. She takes for sources the communities or collectives in contact with which she evolves, of which she observes the rites, the gestures, the objects and which she involved in his projects. With the complicity of the individuals she meets, a narrative is constructed between documentary and fiction where poetry and utopia supplant the simple observation of a situation.

Whatever the project, Bertille Bak defends a work where the collective has a meaning and which brings man at its center. A work that believes in the possibility of inventing several ways of apprehending reality differently.