Self-Defense Moves Against Technology is a video tutorial investigating addiction to technology, more specifically the influence of smartphones on our everyday lives. These moves are a set of tactics of resistance against our own digital aids, and are based on and adapted from real self-defense practice. The Youtube tutorial style video of these moves, shows step by step how one could help someone fight their tech-addiction.

Dasha Ilina is a Russian digital artist based in Paris, France. Her work centers around the notions of care and technology, DIY practices and low-tech solutions to examine various issues such as phone addiction, tech-related health problems and privacy in the digital age. She is the founder of the Center for Technological Pain, a center that proposes DIY solutions to health problems caused by digital technologies for which she has received an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica. Ilina’s work has been exhibited at institutions such as Centre Pompidou (FR), MU Artspace (NL), Gaîté Lyrique (FR), Hartware Medienkunstverein Dortmund (DE), as well as various talks, workshops, and performances held internationally. She is also the co-director of NØ SCHOOL.