The circulation of images, their capture and collection in a world of display screens, is a recurrent theme in Caroline Delieutraz’s work.  Unboxing + tapping + whisper  with Rikita ASMR (Embedded Files) is the result of a collaboration with Rikita, a young YouTuber who makes ASMR videos. By handling Caroline Delieutraz’s artworks, Rikita makes it sensually slide into the realm of ASMR. The pieces become, like any other object in an ASMR video, a tool whose merit is judged solely on its ability to produce a relaxing sensation, as opposed to an aesthetic one

Caroline Delieutraz’s work explores how the internet affects reality. She often begins with an investigation into phenomena that have both online and offline implications, such as the trafficking of an endangered species of live scorpions, the vernacular practices developing on social networks or the emergence of the disturbing figure that is the internet troll. The artist borrows collaborative and DIY culture from the internet but declines to make comment on whether its future is utopian or dystopian. She recreates the contrast we find on the web, where perfectly polished images mix with rough montages and mass manipulation is combined with the promotion of authenticity. In contrast to the frenzy created by the flow of information online, however, the artist places great importance on capturing the viewer’s attention, favoring concise but generous pieces for every experience she creates. Materiality is very present in her work, which is characterized by a consistently rigorous execution, even within the artist’s punk aesthetic. Caroline Delieutraz’s work also appeals to the viewer’s body, whether it be through selfies or ASMR. Her work takes on a contextual dimension as she creates a system of exchanges and interactions between individuals, using social media as a resource. Through these exchanges, as well as her investigations and collaborations, Caroline Delieutraz questions the quantitative and creates body and substance from that which is otherwise swept away in the flux.