Hounslow Community Choir

I joined the community choir in the Autumn and found myself singing at The Royal Albert Hall by Christmas!

“It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best singer, or if you’ve never sung in a choir before, as long as you enjoy singing this is the choir for you! It is such fun & it’s the highlight of the week, you go home feeling refreshed through breathing properly! You’ll make new friends & sing in places you’d never have thought possible!”

The Hounslow Community Choir is one of CPP Hounslow’s ongoing participation projects in partnership with Hounslow Music Service. The group was developed following local consultation with a wide range of individuals and community groups. It was discovered that whilst the borough has a strong schools music service, there are very few music participation opportunities for adults.  The group enjoy singing a variety of music styles from Elvis to Mozart!

The ensemble has performed in various locations from Hounslow High Street Osterley House to London Fire Brigade Isleworth’s 150th anniversary.  The highlight has been the involvement in the Royal Albert Hall’s charity event Christmas with the Stars as part of the massed choir in 2016 and again in 2017. Members of the group enjoy the social aspects that being a part of the Choir brings and organise socials at the end of term and performances. The choir has become self-recruiting, with new members joining throughout the term/year.

“A joyous experience where people of all ages and all walks of life come together to have a good sing-song!”

“I joined the community choir in the Autumn and found myself singing at The Royal Albert Hall by Christmas!”

“Practices are good fun and singing together, under the direction of the amazing Emma, is really uplifting.”

“Singing with the Hounslow Community Choir is absolutely therapeutic! It is a great stress buster and a much looked forward to ‘me time’ evening.” “For me, being a part of the Hounslow Community Choir group has meant spending a weekday evening with a group of people, from all walks of life, enjoying the activity of singing together.   I have met some new acquaintances and stopped being quite a ‘couch-potato’ especially on a winter evening! I also love to give something back to a community by being involved in the charity events. Winning funding  for the next 3 years will mean a stronger, and hopefully a bigger choir in the future. Keep up the good work CPP Hounslow.”

Hounslow Community Choir welcomes new members.  To find out more contact: cpphounslow@watermans.org.uk