ART4US (2012)

About this event

Wednesday 3 October – Saturday 10 November 2012
Riverside Gallery
Daily 12 noon – 9 pm
This exhibition showcases the work of the art department on the “Cathja” barge.

With guidance from two professional artists; Liz Leyh and Martin Cottis, clients are encouraged to express themselves using a wide range of methods and materials. Techniques range from two dimensional work such as painting, drawing and printmaking, through relief carving and modelling in wood, paper and stone to free standing works and constructions in wood and steel.

Experience is not required and as much time as is needed is allowed. The results are often beautiful and always extraordinary, surprising the makers and the viewer alike.

Friends of Cathja is a registered charity that provides ‘therapy through creativity’ to residents of the Borough of Hounslow who suffer from severe and enduring mental illness.  The work demonstrates that being creative has a profound impact on mental well-being and personal growth, when it takes place in a non-judgemental and enabling environment.

The service is based aboard the fully motorised 120′ Dutch Barge, theCathja, moored between the London Apprentice and Town Wharf pubs in Old Isleworth.  It is fitted out as a workshop / studio where a range of tools and materials are available for the creation of works, the nature of which are determined by the users of the service.

The Cathja was converted to its current fully accessible and equipped state through an Arts Lottery grant, supported by local gifts and volunteering.  Each year, £100,000 has to be raised to sustain the project.

Contact:  Carl Kirby-Turner, Project Director            020 8560 8360

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