Binaural Dinner Date by ZU-UK

Artist(s): ZU-UK
Running Time: Sat 11 Nov, 1pm & 6pm; Sun 12 Nov, 1pm. 50min
Price: £8 (£6)

About this event

Immersive theatre where you could experience the perfect date…

WARNING: do not attend if you are fundamentally opposed to falling in love!

First Dates, Take Me Out, The Batchelor... the list of TV smash hits goes on. What is it that fastcinates us about dates? How do you have a perfect date? What are the do’s and don’ts? How do you get back that first date feeling if you’ve been together for years?

What if you could go on a date without having to think about what to say and how to behave? What if someone – a waiter… a DJ… a heartbroken lonely actor… – was there for you to guilde you through it?

Part interactive performance, part dating agency The Blind Dinner Date is an experience for individuals looking for love (or just a bit of fun!), or existing couples who simply want a very different dating experience.

Join a table for two where a voice in your ear guides you through the perfect date. What’s the worst that could happen? Getting to know the depths of another human being, and perhaps even yourself? Oh, and you get a free drink.

This is immersive theatre in a restaurant setting. Transferring for a long run at the Theatre Royal Stratford East, see this new work here first!

PLEASE NOTE: once you have booked your ticket, please let us know your dating preference – stay with the person you’ve booked with, or choose a man or a woman. Click HERE to access the Eventbrite page – you will not be charged again.

From the artist:

‘Working with bi-neural audio and a mapping of microphones from every participant and actor means that the soundtrack becomes more than a simple soundtrack, but the piece itself. This is a mixture of composed recordings and live elements, so whatever constellation of individuals is there on the night will be able to input their personal content into the final result. As a couple, this becomes an opportunity to revisit the relationship, ask questions they might not ask each other anymore, or might have never asked. This also brings a lightness and a playfulness to the looking at each other as a couple from the eyes of when they first met.’

This event is part of our Digital Performance Weekender

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