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Lawrence Lek
Site specific installation

Tuesday 20 November 2012 – Friday 4 January 2013

Close your eyes and listen. Two chambers, just large enough to stand inside, are placed at opposite ends of the Watermans riverside space. Each chamber is made from three curved plywood sheets, each driven by an independent resonating contact speaker.

A six-channel sound loop slowly pans within and between the chambers, drawing you slowly towards them. As you pass between the invisible acoustic spaces that they create, you are immersed into their stereo field, into the space of sound.

Lawrence Lek is a sculptor, architect and musician, whose work describes a world that is both familiar and alien. He is fascinated by how people relate to space, and how their interaction with organic structures hint at primal memories – a memory of shapes, not of language. For this to occur, he moves between architecture and sound, transcribing physical material into sensory experiences through projects including inhabitable installations, architectural sculpture, and online environments. Through technology, he wants to evoke a future that appeals to our primitive memory and remains tangible to our rational mind. He is currently a Designer in Residence at the Design Museum, where his project “Unlimited Edition” combines digital technology and low-tech fabrication techniques to explore how the creation of public artworks can become a collective endeavour.


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