H4ppy D33p W3b: Exhibition Launch & Gallery Tour

Artist(s): Systaime aka Michael Borras
Year: 2019
Running Time: Weds 12 June, 6.30-8.30pm

About this event

Join us for the free exhibition launch and gallery tour of our new exhibition H4ppy D33p W3b by Systaime aka Michael Borras.

Weds 12 June, 6.30-8.30pm. FREE. Please book to allow us to provide refreshments for the right numbers. Thanks!

‘Vague but exciting’ was how those in the know first described the World Wide Web (WWW) back in 1989. Thirty years later in 2019, it has transformed our world. To mark this, our new exhibition showcases the work of Systaime, one of the most emblematic digital artists using the web as their main tool, who has been working in this medium for over 20 years.

Systaime is the creator of The French Trash Touch movement, which mixes low and high culture and pop culture with internet folklore, like memes, emojis or GIFs.

He offers an explosive mashup of internet aesthetics, where information, images and comments are remixed in an audiovisual spectacle that exposes the language of the internet.

The solo show H4ppy D33p W3b (Happy Deep Web) is a visual journey through today’s digital pop culture.

Open your minds and take a deep dive into the universe of the web…

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