Sound Worlds: an Audiovisual Adventure

Artist(s): Lucas Paris: Antivolume IN/EXT + Myriam Boucher and Perre-Luc Lecours: Elements
Running Time: Sat 10 Nov, 7.30pm. 60min including interval.
Price: £10 (£8; students £5)

About this event

We present another spectacular audiovisual odyssey in our theatre, featuring musicians working at the edge of technological innovation: sound and visuals come together to create a completely immersive experience in this double bill.

Lucas Paris: Antivolume IN/EXT + Myriam Boucher and Perre-Luc Lecours: Elements

AntiVolume In/EXT is an immersive light and electronic music performance, where the audience is in the presence of a volatile and energetic sculpture made of sound and light. Three columns of light occupy the space. Made from an alogrithmic research, they are sculpted in real time by the artist’s improvisation. Paris draws inspiration from the vast vocabulary of electronic music: noise, ambient, IDM, EDM… These references are reinterpreted through a strong musical character and personal fantasy and the audience is immersed in the work and experiences it as a physical and textural experience.

Elements is an audiovisual performance that addresses the theme of nature. This project presents air, water, fire and earth in a video musical discourse that is both concrete and abstract, inspired by the movements and organic behaviours of these natural elements. Both composers and performers draw on our kinetic relationship to the world to deploy a poetic interpretation of this universal and fundamental theme to the human experience.

About the Artists

Pairing a deeply considered and expressive artistic approach with high-tech digital synthesis networks and modular instrument design, Lucas Paris creates multi-sensory, immersive and emotional new forms of audiovisual performance.

As a member of the projects QUADr and Betafeed, and with his personal projects Antivolume and Array, he has performed at Mapping Festival 2018, Mirage Festival 2018, MUTEK ES 2018, MTL 2017/2016, MX 2017 and MUTEK ISEA Vancouver 2015, Akousma 2016, the BIAN 2014 and 2016, and at the TIES 2015. He has been in residence at Eastern Bloc Montreal in January 2015, at VYV corporation in January 2018, and he is an artist in residency at Concordia University’s Milieux Institute since September 2017, and a member of the Perte de Signal artist center. He studied digital music and digital instrument making at
Université de Montréal.

Myriam Boucher is a video and sound artist based in Montreal (Canada). Her sensitive and polymorphic work concerns the intimate dialogue between music, sound and image, through videomusic, immersive projects and audiovisual performance.

Her work was won many prizes, such as the 2015 and 2016 (first prize) JTTP awards, the LUFF 2017 (experimental short-movie award), the 2015 JIM Electroacoustic Compositions Competition and the Bourse Euterke 2015, and has been presented at many international events including Mutek (CA), Igloofest (CA) and Kontakte (DE). Boucher’s work departs from a free gesture and tends towards nature, passing from the material to the immaterial. She explores the

Desire for freedom and questions our intrinsic relationship to life.

Pierre-Luc Lecours is a composer and sound/video artist based in Montreal. His

Musical practice covers several mediums and aesthetics. His music is characterized by a search for emotional expressiveness in works exploring the hybridization of acoustic and digital sources, drawing as much on the currents of

Contemporary music, instrumental and electroacoustic as on experimental electronic styles. He is part of the QUADr and ILEA projects. His works were honoured by the Composition Contest of the 2014 Destellos Foundation, the SOCAN 2014 Young Composers Contest, and the CEC 2014‐2017 Times play contest, Exhibitonic 2017 and were presented at several international events including MUTEK (CA), Elektra (CA), BIAN (CA), Akousma (CA), Currents (US), Muslab (MEX), Resonances Électriques (FR) and Hot docs (CA).

Part of the Digital Weekender 2018

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