The Mesh: Digital Art Making Workshop

Artist(s): Genetic Moo, David Theobald and Victoria Rance
Running Time: Sat 18 March - Sat 22 April (excl. Sat 15 Apr), 2016. 2.30-5pm, Studio 1 & Gallery
Price: £10 for all 5 sessions.
Certificate: 18+ years

About this event

Learn new skills, take part in our digital art making workshops to explore different ways to use computers creatively and develop exciting work: a great opportunity to work with leading artists from our new exhibition, The Mesh.

This 5-week workshop will be run by Genetic Moo, David Theobald and Victoria Rance in alternating weeks of coding and making. Different techniques will be brought together so that each participant produces their own artwork, which could include animation, creative coding, audio, 3D models, and costumes. Participants should be eager to experiment and explore mashing up techniques.

Participants must be able to attend all five sessions in order to get the most out of the programme. 

All five sesssions are Full price £10 / Students £5 (you must be able to prove that you are a student).

Limited to 10 places.


Please bring your own laptop (not a tablet – we have a limited number of laptops available if you would prefer to use one of ours during the sessions). It would be also useful to bring a digital camera / mobile.

We will be working with free, open source programmes.


Week 1: Saturday 18 March 

Studio 1
Creative coding with Genetic Moo

Introduction to creative coding using the free and open source software Processing. Genetic Moo will discuss their practice and its use of coding and interaction. They will then help participants install Processing onto their own laptop and teach them how to program basic geometric shapes, colours and simple animations. Participants will also use mouse and keyboard to create simple interactions.

Week 2: Saturday 25 March 


Avatars + Sound with David Theobald 
Participants will find out how David develops his ideas, and about his current interest in artificial intelligence, robotics and its social implications. Participants will then be introduced to a number of computer based animation and image tools (both 2D and 3D), most of which are available free to download. They will get a taster of their potential as well as how to get started, and access online tutorials and communities where they can continue learning after the session. Finally, they will get a chance to use software tools to create a digital avatar and make it talk.

Week 3: Saturday 1 April  

Studio 1

Model-making and Digitising with Victoria Rance
Victoria will introduce her practice and art work in the show. Using readily available materials participants will make simple costumes and masks. They will then take a series of photographs and shoot a short film of themselves in action. These images will be uploaded onto the computers and digitally manipulated in Paint or Photoshop, and then used in the following weeks’ workshops. 

Week 4: Saturday 8 April 

Studio 1
Importing sound and graphics with Genetic Moo
Participants will be shown how to import their sounds and visuals and even films from the previous weeks into the Processing programming environment where they will be available for manipulation. They will learn how to animate, colourise and apply effects to their material. Resources will be made interactive in simple ways. Finally they will learn how to export their results and discuss how to take their program further – e.g an interactive film, an animation, or a game.  

Week 5: Saturday 22 April

Studio 1

Putting it all together with Genetic Moo
Participants will work with Genetic Moo to finish their project. The artists will work with participants individually to add code and graphics which will complete the piece. What the final project becomes is up to attendees – within the limits of the creative coding medium. Generative film, interactive game, 3d images, animation…. We are looking forward to see how participants can push the technology over the course of these workshops.

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