Artist(s): Akvile Terminaite
Running Time: Sat 26 January, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm 45 minutes each
Price: £3 per 45 minutes sessions
Certificate: 18+ years

About this event

Ever wondered how machines learn? How do we make artificial intelligence intelligent? How do we teach machines to make choices and even moral judgements, something humans do every day?

In these hour-long workshops, artist Akvile Terminaite explains some of the latest research on how humans make moral and ethical decisions and how this can be applied to artificial intelligence. You’ll then play a card game developed in association with Dr Albert Barque-Duran (Honorary Research Fellow in Cognitive Science at City, University of London), in which you’ll explore the learning process of artificial intelligence and discover the potential and limitations of it.

Fun and interactive, this is a fantastic chance to dip your toe into a world that’s going to touch all our lives over the decades to come.

About the artist

Akvile Terminaite is a designer and an illustrator. She trained as an illustrator at Kingston University where she found her passion for museums and informal learning. She continued to pursue her interest in public engagement and learning at Science Museum, London. Most recently Akvile started her Masters in Information Experience Design at Royal College of Art. Her work often takes interactive forms that encourages questioning and evokes curiosity. As a designer she is interested in the philosophy of sublime and looking at nuances of technology and its effect on society and culture.

This workshops is part of our Trajectories II exhibition, Technology Never Sleeps.

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