Trajectories Public Workshops

Running Time: Sat 27 Jan, 2-5pm; Sat 3 Feb, 2-6pm; Sat 17 Feb, 2-5pm;
Price: The cost is £7 per workshop, just £15 when you book all three at the same time

About this event

Learn new skills and how to develop your ideas by taking part in our digital art workshops to explore creative electronics and making, the use of technology and found materials in creative processes and more. It’s a great opportunity to work with leading artists and designers in this series of workshops as part of our new exhibition, Trajectories.

The workshops will take place on Saturdays 27 Jan, 3 Feb & 17 Feb 2018. Workshops run from 2-5pm, and 2-6pm on 3 Feb. The cost is £7 per workshop, just £15 when you book all three at the same time – the discount will be added automatically on the Cart page.

These workshops are for anyone over 18, no experience necessary. Limited to 12 participants. Materials and refreshments will be provided.


Week 1: Noise of Pollution 
Saturday 27 January, 2-5pm 
Noise of Pollution is a collaborative workshop working with sound, electronics, conductive material, fabrics and found, waste materials. During this session you will work with the rest of the group to make a large interactive sound mat emitting sounds of materials amplified by contact microphones. This workshop facilitates making noise out of rubbish, highlighting not only what human consumption sounds like but the impact and scale of everyday waste.

Led by Sarah Sajid and Seohye Lee, /

Week 2: Build interactive things with and without programming
Saturday 3 February, 2-6pm

In the era of AI (artificial intelligence), we all need to learn how machines think, how they sense our behaviour and respond to our requests. In this session you will learn the most simple but effective ways in which electronics become interactive with our environment, including how to code fun things like music and the basics of driverless cars.
You will be working with analogue materials for the first part of this workshops and the rest of the day will be spent developing work with electronics e.g. with Arduino and sensors to create prototypes.

What you will learn:
Building electronic circuits using a breadboard
Smart Analogue interactions, sensors, switches and inductors
Intro to Arduino programming
First coding exercises
How machines sense our world. Sensors data reading and how to code a vehicle to avoid collisions.

Please bring your laptop, or you can borrow one of ours.
Led by Elena Corchero,

Week 3: What machines and humans see
Saturday 17 February, 2-5pm

Is there any difference between how machines understand images and pictures and how humans do? In this session, you will create your own databases of illustrations, drawings and pictures which you will then explore using an Artificial Intelligence based API to see if there is any agreement.

This sessions is for beginners explaining the basics of how machine learning works, and why it might be interesting to use; then you will create a database of drawings and set up an AI based API to see what a machine can see in their versions versus the original.

Please bring your laptop, or you can borrow one of ours.
Led by Anna Ridler,

Image credit: Sarah Sajid and Seohye Lee, Noise of Pollution

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