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Mike Blow
Friday 20 – Saturday 28 September
Riverside Gallery
Unfoldings explores the relationship between sound art and physical objects. The show considers ways in which we co-perceive the audible and the visible and how forms and details unfold in time. There is an emphasis on exploring the unique phenomenology of the sonic and solid, drawing parallels and contrasts between them, and asking what happens when the two collide. The exhibition comprises a series of sculptures and fascinating objects such as Aeolus, a drawer index cabinet containing winds collected from around the world; Bleigeissen, bending time, a sculpture created by casting hot lead into water is presented with the sound of its creation slowed down 100 times; Volume, an object which is bigger to the ear than to the eye; Sound with a Box of its Own Making, an image of Robert Morris’ Box with the Sound of its Own Making encoded into sound and repeatedly ‘remade’ by decoding the sound in spectrogram software and more.
Mike Blow’s work attempts to evoke a deeper consciousness of site and physical objects using sound and audio-visual relationships. He is especially interested in creating gaps between the seen and heard which open up spaces for the imagination, and in open-ended work which is completed by chance events such as the weather or the actions of visitors. Mike Blow is studying for a PhD in the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University and is a Lecturer in Interactive Media at Plymouth University.

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