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UnReal – Architectural Association Collaboration

Company: Architectural Association Interprofessional Students
Running Time: 15 March – 20 March
Price: FREE

This is a free event and open to all, so no ticket is required.

About this event

Come and take part as the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio transforms Watermans for a week!

The Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio is a post-graduate programme which explores the collaboration between several creative fields, genres and mediums. An ensemble of practitioners from multiple creative fields such us design, dance, film, theatre architecture and the visual arts intertwine their theoretical backgrounds and practical skillsets in creating immersive, interactive events and installations.

From 14-20 March, the AAIS team will be bringing their exciting research and immersive work to Watermans questioning our perception of reality, the relationships between virtual and physical worlds.

With installations, video screenings, sound performances, discussion groups, workshops and presentations, as well as a final event, the AAIS team will attempt to virtualise the real and realise the virtual, forming an intersecting space between reality and unreality, the valley of the uncanny.

Their creative process will be open to visitors, who will be invited to take part and investigate questions such as ‘What is our perception of the world around us, the multiple realities we find ourselves in?’, through the use of creative media such as dance, collage, choreography and sound.

The week will build up to a main event which will take place in the evenings of the 19th and 20th of March, when visitors will explore and interact with the immersive atmosphere of the spaces at Watermans. The spaces will be activated by dance performers, spatial installations and audio-visual compositions and they will challenge the expectations and preconceptions of our realities as well as our relationships with spaces and people.

The Programme

Tuesday 15 – Saturday 20 March

Exhibition: Performing Architecture
Studio 2
13:00 – 19:00
Free, drop-in
The Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio, Landscape & Urbanism (DRL) and Emergent Technologies & Design graduate programmes from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, in collaboration with Watermans are organising an exhibition at Studio 2 titled “Performing Architecture”. The exhibition pushes the boundaries of structures and architecture and brings together different interdisciplinary approaches on how they can be interactive and performative. Architecture is usually perceived as the discipline which designs and produces static environments, buildings but through this exhibition we discover an entire new world of possibilities. It focuses on the collaboration between multiple fields which involve computer programming, coding, robotics, performative arts, electronics, biomimetics, fine arts to create unique and visionary projects.

Tuesday 15 March

Collage Workshop: “Modern Vitraux”
Riverside Gallery
Free, drop-in
suitable for all age groups (children must be accompanied)
Drop-in and join one of the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio’s activities and events at Watermans Arts Centre. Artists and designers of the team invite people from all age groups to collaborate in creating a translucent collage/installation on the windows of the main foyer. The collage will be displayed there for the duration of the entire week. Participants can use materials such as fabric, paper, foil, plastic bags, strings etc and create collages on sheets. We will experiment with concepts such as composition, architecture, rhythm, the use of line, shape and colour. The collective art work will be inspired by modern paintings, traditional vitraux as well as the river, the surrounding scenery and natural light. We will also draw inspiration from dance rehearsals taking place in the theatre and studio 1.

Friday 18 March
Performing Architecture Soirée with AAIS and friends
Free, drop-in
Join the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio in their dress rehearsals, part of the Unreal events, and experience their design process. You will also have an opportunity to explore an exhibition in collaboration with Landscape & Urbanism (DRL) and Emergent Technologies & Design graduate programmes from the Architectural Association School of Architecture revolving around the subject of “Performing Architecture”. The students will be present and guide visitors through their exhibition, presenting their work and ideas. The evening will close with drinks and an open discussion about various approaches towards architecture and performance as well as designing interactive experiences and structures using technology.
Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March
Performative guided tour: XYZ / s
Theatre and Studio 1
Sessions at 7pm & 7.20pm
Duration: Approximately 80min, 100min
suitable for all age groups (children must be accompanied

“XYZ / s” is a multimedia performance/installation exploring our perceptions of space and time. The event creates a play between the four dimensions (point, line, plane and time) as well as various mediums such as dance, video, sound and performance, in three different spaces at Watermans. Participants are invited to arrive in two separate time slots and join one of three groups. The groups will be guided from one space to the other and find themselves in various environments and situations. Each space has its own immersive atmosphere for people to explore, experience and interact with. Together we will challenge our expectations and preconceptions of our realities as well as our relationships with spaces and people.

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The team

Studio Director: Theo Lorenz

Studio Master: Tanja Siems

Students: Argyris Angeli, Justyna Choli, Kyriaki Nasioula, Menglan Wu, Suh-in Park

Collaborators: Andy Dean, David McAlmont, Heiko Kalmbach, Joel Newman

Mauricio Pauly, New Movement Collective, Sepehr Malek, Steve Webb


For further information and upcoming events please visit our website and follow us on Facebook at Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio

Photo credits:

Main photo: Menglan Wu, Plato’s hexahedron is animated as two beings interact with each other

Gallery: Valerie Bennet & Justyna Choli.

This is a free event and open to all, so no ticket is required.


Click here to find full details for those with access requirements.

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