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What’s in a Line?

Artist(s): Andrea Tierney
Year: 2016
Running Time: 20 Jan - 20 March 2016
Price: FREE
Certificate: All ages

This is a free event and open to all, so no ticket is required.

About this event

Create your own modern art work using a classic overhead projector, make your own music or produce your own graphics on a retro plotter!

See Andrea talking about the exhibition in an interview with The Chiswick Calendar here 

This exhibition is living and breathing – the artist is in residence and every time you visit it will look different. Tierney encourages all members of the public whatever their age to take part, adding their own lines, ruminations and FUN to the work in the gallery.

This exhibition by artist Andrea Tierney is part of a growing body of work exploring the line in its infinite manifestations. It includes drawings, sculptures animations and several interactive installations in which the public are invited to take part. The artist will be using the gallery as her studio so will be on hand to help you have a go!

There is not a single area of human activity and consciousness where the concept of the line does not exist and play a part. It exists as much in everyday life as in the sublime life of the arts, in the way we are taught how to read and write as well as in scientific theories. The abstract concept of the line has enabled astronomers to calculate time, seafarers to circumnavigate the world, has enabled artists to capture the laws of the perspective, musicians to play compositions, weavers to create cloth, architects to design our lived-in environment, doctors to read our pulse and heart beat and engineers to create networks of rail and road.

The line is truly everywhere and as old as the human capacity to think. Maybe it was the first abstract idea in the development of human thought itself: building a fence to create a demarcation line, creating a path to build a connection.

Without the line we would have no way to talk to each other through music, through painting or graphic art, through poetry and literature. The line is both the most abstract as well as the most concrete expression enabling human communication and orientation. It starts at zero/infinity and ends in infinity – the words ‘start’ and ‘end’ being a contradiction in terms.

Public workshops

The exhibition was accompanied by a series of free workshops over 8 weeks. They were fully booked:

Workshop 1: Saturday 23 January

Weaving – Workshop tutor Christine Brewster teaches the basics of translating  weaving from geometric patterns.

Workshop 2: Saturday 30 January

Animation – Inspired by the weaving workshop, the artist will teach the basics of animation. Participants will be free to explore a range of techniques.

Workshop 3: Saturday 6 February

Lino cutting – Workshop tutor Alpesh Patel will introduce us to the intricacies of the line, cut with a variety of tools. The result will be a lino print, using rollers and printing ink.

Workshop 4: Saturday 13 February

Animation – Inspired by the lino cutting workshop, the artist will teach the basics of animation building on a range of animation techniques.

Workshop 5: Saturday 20 February

Drawing – Workshop tutor Andrea Tierney will take you on an exploration of the line using the simplest tool, the pencil.

Workshop 6: Saturday 27 February

Animation – Inspired by the drawing workshop, the artist will teach the basics of animation the easy way! You’ll be free to explore a range of techniques.

About the artist

Andrea Tierney has worked as artist and art teacher in the borough for many years. She was the originator of the Art in the Tent project, creating a space for artistic expression in the midst of Ealing Town Square a few years ago.

Trained as a painter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, her artistic enquiry led her to study at the Hypermedia Research Centre of Westminster University, where she collaborated with artists and programmers to explore the possibilities of New Media. Animation as a tool to demonstrate artistic ideas became part of her art practice. Studying Textile Design at Central Saint Martins provided the impetus to broaden her skills and techniques and import a new aesthetic into her work.

Her interest in the exploration of the line developed as a result of studying fine art, digital art and design, combined with a keen interest in scientific and philosophical ideas. Andrea Tierney’s exhibitions in recent years took the form of artistic investigation into the nature and substance of the line.

Project Collaborators:

Rodger Bagnall, computer programmer; Alpesh Patel, sculptor; Christine Brewster, 3-D weaver; ART IN COMMON

Wonderfully evocative and truly fascinating to be able to talk to the artist as well as interact with the art. Will be back. Thanks!
Exhibition visitor
A fantastic exhibition. Creative, scientific and truly original! Well done and thank you for letting me take part.
Exhibition visitor

This is a free event and open to all, so no ticket is required.


Click here to find full details for those with access requirements.

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