Whilst we were here… Computer Drawing Workshops

Artist(s): Damien Borowik and Patrick Tresset
Running Time: Saturdays from 21 October to 18 November 2017, from 2-5pm
Price: £20 for all 5 sessions (£10 for students)
Certificate: 18+

About this event


A chance to learn about coding, 3D printing and computer drawing in a fascinating series of workshops, part of our new exhibition Whilst we were here… we made some drawings.

Work with leading artists Damien Borowik and Patrick Tresset in this series of workshops exploring machine and computational drawing, as part of our new exhibition Whilst we were here… we made some drawings by Patrick Tresset. A full outline of the workshops can be found below.

Explore the use of technology and computers in creative processes and making and develop your own work in an inspiring and supportive series of workshops.

See more on the exhibition Whilst we were here…. By clicking HERE.

The workshops will take place every Saturday from 21 October to 18 November, from 2-5pm. This 5-week workshop will be led by artist Damien Borowik with a special session on Saturday 11 November led by both Damien Borowik and Patrick Tresset.

To get the most out of the programme, we suggest that participants attend all five sessions.

Cost: £20 for all 5 sessions (£10 for students)

The workshop is for anyone over 18, no experience necessary. Please bring your own laptop (not a tablet – we have a limited number of laptops available if you would prefer to use one of ours during the sessions). Materials will be provided.


Week 1: Introduction to programming 1/2 (Processing)
Saturday 21 October, 2-5pm 
Studio 1
In this first workshop, you will start learning the fundamentals of programming using Processing, a great open source software commonly used by digital artists to help them quickly ‘sketch’ out ideas visually. Topics will include programming syntax, variables, conditionals, loops and custom function basics.

Week 2: Introduction to programming 2/2 (Processing)
Saturday 28 October, 2-5pm 
Studio 1
For the second part of the programming workshop, we will deepen our understanding of Processing and what it can offer; image manipulation, moving visual objects, interaction and using data.

Week 3: Introduction to Modelling (3D printing and t-slot modelling kit)
Saturday 4 November, 2-5pm 
Studio 1
This session is focusing on model making, with the introduction to the Sketchup software to quickly draft ideas. We will also look at 3D printing and using modelling kits to create rigid structures for your projects.

Week 4: Introduction to Computer Vision (with Patrick Tresset)
Saturday 11 November, 2-5pm 
This will be the most theoretical session. This afternoon we will look at the concept of computer vision, meaning how to enable a computer to get some kind of understanding of what it can ‘see’. We will look at examples of how it is being used in Arts and Science, and how it is shaping our future.

Week 5: Introduction to Physical computing (Arduino)
Saturday 18 November, 2-5pm 
Studio 1
In this last session you will be introduced to physical computing by using micro-controllers, sensors and other electronic components such as LEDs and motors. You will be looking at the potentials of for a computer to ‘sense’ and ‘act in’ the world through input and output.

Damien Borowik is a French artist based in London, UK. In his work, he explores the use of technology in the art of making and subsequent creative processes. He is also interested in the act of perception, with a strong emphasis on serendipity and aesthetics. Working across media and medium, he seamlessly embeds technology and digital processes as an integral part of the work. Borowik develops his own creative tools digitally and physically, using mechanical components, electronics and programming code. His work spans many disciplines including video, sound, light, virtual reality as well as kinetic installations and performances.

Graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Graphic design, and he later on went on to study at Goldsmiths, University of London on an MA in Computational Arts. Borowik has won numerous awards and exhibited worldwide while working with clients such as Christian Dior Couture, Samsung Electronics, Southbank Centre and BBC Worldwide. Recently, the Victoria & Albert Museum have also acquired several of Borowik’s artworks to be included in their permanent collection. His work is also being shortlisted for the Lumen Prize 2017, and you can see his latest machine drawings in a solo exhibition this September at the Sway Gallery in London.

Patrick Tresset is an artist who develops and presents theatrical installations with robotic agents as actors. Tresset’s installations use computational systems that introduce artistic, expressive and obsessive aspects to robots’ behaviour. These systems are influenced by research into human behaviour, more specifically how artists make marks that depict and how humans relate to robots. Tresset develops robots and autonomous computational systems to produce series of drawings, paintings and animations.

Originally a painter, Tresset is part of a generation of artists coming out of Goldsmiths’ computing department. In 2004 Tresset joined Goldsmiths for an MSc degree in Arts Computing where from 2009 until 2012 he codirected the AIkonII project, a project which aimed to model and understand the sketching process. He also developed and taught the creative robotics module at Goldsmiths. In 2013 Patrick was a Senior Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz working with Prof. Deussen. Tresset has published research papers in the fields of computational aesthetics, social robotics, drawing research and AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Tresset’s work has been exhibited in association with major museums and institutions such as The Pompidou Center, Museum of Israel, Victoria & Albert Museum (London), MMCA (Seoul), BOZAR (Brussels), Prada Foundation (Milan) and at events such as Ars Electronica, Update_5, WRO2015, Merge festival.

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