New Media Arts Archive

A cutting-edge year-round programme showing the work of leading digital and new media artist in our main gallery. Many exhibitions have associated free workshops so watch this space!

Air Matters Symposium: POLITICS OF AIR

Join us for a day of presentations, discussions and debates on the politics of air in the Heathrow neighbourhood. What […]

Air Matters Workshop: Artworks for Birds. A Visual Arts Workshop for Educators.

Please join artist and anthropologist Hermione Spriggs and artist Laura Cooper to explore bird experiences of the air and exchange […]

Air Matters Workshop: Heathrow Sound Walks: Field recording under the flight path

Sound is one of the major ways Heathrow airport impacts upon its neighbours. But what other stories can we make […]

Air Matters Workshop: Listening to Signals in the Air

In this workshop participants join design writer and maker Dr. Jane Norris to design and build listening devices. The devices […]

Radical Immersions Exhibition

Exhibition runs 6-20 September Public opening event is on Sunday 8 September at 5-8pm in the gallery with the artists The DRHA […]

Radical Immersions Exhibition Launch and Gallery Tour

Join us for the free exhibition launch and gallery tour of Radical Immersions with the artists. Sunday 8 September, 5-8pm. FREE. […]

Radical Immersions: Call for art works

We are inviting submissions of artworks that engage with the theme of RADICAL IMMERSIONS: Navigating between virtual/physical environments and information […]

H4ppy D33p W3b by Systaime aka Michael Borras

‘Vague but exciting’ was how those in the know first described the World Wide Web (WWW) back in 1989. Thirty […]

H4ppy D33p W3b: Exhibition Launch & Gallery Tour

Join us for the free exhibition launch and gallery tour of our new exhibition H4ppy D33p W3b by Systaime aka Michael […]

Nye Thompson: CKRBT

The processes of watching and describing the world are no longer the sole domain of people. Nowadays, and almost everywhere, […]

Nye Thompson: CKRBT Exhibition Launch & Gallery Tour

On the same night as Alexander Whitley Dance Company, join us for the free exhibition launch and gallery tour of […]

Alexander Whitley Dance Company: Celestial Motion 2

A shared Virtual Reality Experience. Earth and everything it contains, including your human body, is made from material born in […]

Family Workshop: DIY Electronic Cards

A family friendly introduction to DIY Electronics through craft. Learn the basics of electricity and make a cute light-up card […]

Sound Worlds: an Audiovisual Adventure

We present another spectacular audiovisual odyssey in our theatre, featuring musicians working at the edge of technological innovation: sound and […]

Make your own gesture sensing musical instrument

Sew, wire, code and play your own musical instrument glove that responds to your movements. Based on a gestural glove […]

Yassine Khaled: Monitor Man

Speak to someone thousands of miles away as though they were in the room! In Monitor Man, Yassine Khaled creates […]

Sara Choudhrey: Driftwood

Whether botanical, wildlife, or human, all bodies experience the right to claim natural space their own. Yet changes in the […]

Jane Gauntlett: TrueLove

An early sharing of TrueLove prototype (R&D); an interactive experience which explores the impact of future technology on intimacy and […]

Alexander Whitley Dance Company: Strange Stranger

Strange Stranger is a performance and interactive light installation that investigates the idea of presence and the right to be forgotten […]

Trajectories II Symposium: Technology Never Sleeps

The event is part of the Trajectories II: Technology Never Sleeps project How have digital infrastructures become an immersive environment in which […]

Trajectories II: Technology Never Sleeps

Free Public Launch Event and Gallery Tour with the Artists: Thursday 24 January, 6.30-8.30pm – tickets can be booked here […]


Learn about the creative possibilities of using a commercially available Electroencephalography (EEG) headset that detects signals coming directly from the […]

TRAJECTORIES II WORKSHOP: Creative programming with artificial life

A creative programming session that is designed for those who are interested in the idea of artificial life. It’s a […]

TRAJECTORIES II WORKSHOPS: What is public space?

Artist Karen Bosy leads this workshop in which you’ll model and visualise personal concepts of public space. What does public […]


This workshop explores how art can help overcome a sense of isolation which can be brought on by digital technology, […]


Ever wondered how machines learn? How do we make artificial intelligence intelligent? How do we teach machines to make choices […]

Trajectories II: Gallery Tour & Launch

Free Public Launch Event and Gallery Tour with the Artists: Thursday 24 January, 6.30-8.30pm Join the artists and the Watermans […]

Human Factors

Human Factors is a group show presenting recent and new work by Hanna Haaslahti in collaboration with Tyler Henry, Anna […]

Human Factors – Launch event

Human Factors is a group show presenting recent and new work by Hanna Haaslahti in collaboration with Tyler Henry, Anna Estarriola […]

Biorhythmic Drawing

In Biorhythmic drawing, artist Daksha Patel explores the ways in which data captured from the human body – by technologies […]

Biorhythmic Drawing Practical Workshops

Learn new skills in creative coding and explore a variety of analogue drawing processes in response to bio-medical images of […]

Nye Thompson: The Seeker

The Seeker is a machine entity which will travel the world virtually, and describe what it sees. Named for Ptah-Seker, […]

Shanzhai Archeology

The Chinese term shanzhai (山寨) refers to counterfeit consumer goods. This includes imitation, trademark infringement, parody, lookalikes and improved goods, particularly in […]


Panel: Tue 15 May, 6-9pm at Goldsmiths (please note this event is off-site, not at Watermans) Richard Hoggart Buliding 137A, […]

Trajectories Symposium: On technology and the nature of truth

In the current age of rapid changes, challenges, and accelerating technological developments, we are being swallowed by constant information streams […]

Trajectories workshops for creatives, graduates and students

Join leading designers and innovators and learn how to develop your ideas, as well as methodologies and tools for successful […]

Trajectories Public Workshops

Learn new skills and how to develop your ideas by taking part in our digital art workshops to explore creative […]

Trajectories Gallery Tour & Launch Event

Join the artists as they discuss the inspiration for the work they’ve been selected to show in this exhibition, and […]


Trajectories is an exciting new three-year programme exploring the potential of creative learning and making to help us engage critically in […]

Exhibition: Whilst We Were Here…by Patrick Tresset

Patrick Tresset is an artist who develops and presents theatrical installations with robotic agents as actors. Tresset’s installations use computational […]

Science of Music

FREE INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION & WORKSHOPS. An interactive sound Installation & Two Free Drop-in Instrument Making Workshops The Science of Music […]

What if we embed a wormhole in culture? – Digital Weekender 2017

A mesmerising animated projection of a river in our riverside gallery. London and Beijing based new media artist Jiayu Liu’s […]

Whilst we were here… Computer Drawing Workshops

THE WORKSHOPS ARE NOW SOLD OUT. A chance to learn about coding, 3D printing and computer drawing in a fascinating […]

The Mesh: Digital Art Making Workshop

Learn new skills, take part in our digital art making workshops to explore different ways to use computers creatively and […]

The Mesh: An exhibition by The London Group

  In 1913 a group of young artists with radical new ideas were being rejected by the Royal Academy and […]

Cyclophones: Interactive Sound Installations

FREE. Come and play on our entrance terrace! Bicycles, wheels, bathtubs and other everyday objects are transformed to produce sounds […]

Binaural Dinner Date by ZU-UK

Immersive theatre where you could experience the perfect date… WARNING: do not attend if you are fundamentally opposed to falling […]

DIY Wearables by Paul Clifford

Family & Adult Workshops: create a funky badge, hat, wristband or something else to wear that lights up or makes […]

Wheels, Strings & Holographics: A Musical Odyssey

A triple bill of musicians at the forefront of technological and musical innovation. Immerse yourself in a holographic universe inspired […]

Whist (part of the Digital Weekender)

An immersive virtual reality theatre experience: part theatrical piece, part art installation and part video game. Featured this week in […]

Esther Rolinson in conversation with Douglas Dodds, Senior Curator of Digital Art at the V&A

In Gravitate, Esther Rolinson is exhibiting her drawings and light installation Flown together for the first time. The exhibition includes […]

Exhibition: Gravitate by Esther Rolinson

In Gravitate Esther Rolinson is exhibiting her drawings and light installation Flown together for the first time. The exhibition includes […]

Shakespeare Reloaded: Squidsoups’ Living Wall

Digital arts collective Squidsoup bring the walls of Watermans to life with a dynamic digital projection made of animated texts […]

You Might Come Out of the Water Every Time Singing – River Weekender 2016

Sound Installation Swim with sharks without leaving West London! You might come out of the water every time singing is […]

Objects of Transdendence

Objects of Transcendence looks at how the object can transcend its individual meaning to make a social or political comment. […]

Technology is not Neutral Symposium

The ‘Technology Is Not Neutral’ project was inspired by the desire to counteract the frequent under-representation of the achievements of […]

Technology is not Neutral

Technology is not Neutral is a touring exhibition project that highlights and investigates the work of a group of women […]

The Digital Weekender 2016

For two days, leading new media artists from around the world gather at Watermans to deliver an explosive programme of […]

UnReal – Architectural Association Collaboration

Come and take part as the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio transforms Watermans for a week! The Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio […]

Shutter Flutter and Feel Me

An evening featuring two performances: Shutter Flutter and Feel Me, brought to Watermans by Hacking the Body 2.0. Two interactive […]

At Home in London and Gaza

Part of the LIFT & Watermans Utopia R&D Residency.  2016 marks the next LIFT festival as well as the 500th […]

Quilt Tales

In this exhibition in our Riverside Gallery, sensory impaired locals over 55 showcase life story quilts in Hounslow. Quilt Tales […]

Morphogenetic Creations – Andy Lomas

NOW OPEN! 13 June – 21 July – Exhibition 15 June – Building the Bridge between Science and Art – […]

Filming Syria : Stories from the Jasmeen Tree

To complement the Altered Landscapes exhibition, we will be screening a series of Syrian short films in partnership with Bidayyat […]

Altered Landscapes: Workshops

A physical performance and storytelling techniques workshop series devised to complement Altered Landscapes, an exhibition by artist Juan delGado that […]

Altered Landscapes Symposium: Arts & Human Rights

This symposium, which is part of the Altered Landscapes exhibition programme, will discuss issues of displacement and migration, exploring how […]

Production Methods by Executive Chair

Hostile takeover or incubated startup? Busy office on a lunch break or liquidated business destined for an auction lot? Production […]

Altered Landscapes by Juan delGado

An immersive multimedia installation which tackles themes of trauma, displacement, personal narratives and landscape. The work is an intimate account […]

What’s in a Line?

Create your own modern art work using a classic overhead projector, make your own music or produce your own graphics […]

Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival

The Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival is a celebration of the rise of digital arts in Africa. Watermans is delighted […]

Digital Performance Weekender 2015

Sat 14 & Sun 15 November 2015 The Digital Performance Weekender is an annual festival at Watermans where you’re invited […]

Bodies of Planned Obsolescence

Digital performance and the global politics of electronic waste* Public event and opening, FREE: Saturday 4 July, 2-6pm (ongoing programme, drop-in […]

The Stuff of Machines

Dani Ploeger, 10- 25 June For the past three years, Dani Ploeger has exposed his body to the stuff of […]

Brown & Son: Art That Makes Itself

Tuesday 31 March – Sunday 31 May Computer Art is older than artist’s acrylic paint. Paul Brown Recent blockbuster international […]

Living Data

Michael Takeo Magruder Wednesday 14 January – Sunday 15 March 2015   In Living Data, a new solo exhibition by […]

Brentford School for Girls

Distorted Vision An exhibition of selected GCSE and A-level work from Brentford School for Girls – coming soon The theme […]

Digital Performance Weekender

Digital Performance Weekender – Networked Bodies Download full programme here Installations and live events 7-9 November 2014 Main Gallery – […]

Urban Ambush 2014

by Local Young People 19 September – 17 October 2014 Main Gallery The exhibition will bring together artwork, video, digital […]

1000 Londoners

by Chocolate Films Riverside Gallery 1000 Londoners is a unique portrait of our city. It offers an insight into the lives […]


by Jonathan McCree and Paul Statham Studio 1, Sat 20 – Sun 21 September FREE Event – part of the […]


Tuesday 10th June – Tuesday 22nd July 2014 Daily, 12 noon – 9pm Digital theatre pioneers elastic future have been […]

Market Hack

Saturday 13 September, 10:00­-15:00 Neighbourgoods Market, Johannesburg Market Hack is an open, collaborative making and technology event bringing together South […]

Longitude (1)

Longitude by elastic future and Hellicar & Lewis (US/UK/NG/ES) Part of LIFT 2014 World Premiere 11 June – 23 July […]

Is Technology Eating My Brain? Paul Granjon

Technological anxieties and joys. A project and exhibition by Paul Granjon with a group of participants 31st March – 3rd […]

The Romantic Disease: An Artistic Investigation of Tuberculosis

by Anna Dumitriu Opening Reception – 15th January 2014, 6-9pm Exhibition open daily 16th January 2014 – 24th March 2014, […]

Art, Textiles and Photography by Brentford School for Girls (2013)

Tuesday 26th November 2013- Tuesday 14th January 2014 Selected works showcase the talent of local students and are represented by […]

Soundmirrors (2013)

Soundmirrors – Rob Olins with soundtrack by Douglas Benford Wednesday 23 October – Saturday 23 November The work comprises a […]

Digital Weekender with Addictive TV(2013)

DIGITAL ART & PERFORMANCE WEEKENDER Friday 1 – Sunday 3 November 2013 Watermans presents a Weekender inviting artists, performers, composers […]

Unfoldings (2013)

Unfoldings Mike Blow Friday 20 – Saturday 28 September Riverside Gallery Unfoldings explores the relationship between sound art and physical […]

Urban Ambush 2013 Finale

Sat 21 Sept – Wed 23 October Watermans Gallery Daily 12 noon – 9pm THIS SUMMER we turned Watermans into […]

Gunnersbury Pop-Up Museum (2013)

Tom Keane will be making an appearance at the Gunnersbury Pop-up Museum on Sat 14 Sept 12pm – 1pm & […]

The Emergent City. From Complexity to the City of Bits

By Stanza Wednesday 5 June – Friday 26 July 2013 The Emergent City. From Complexity to The City of Bits […]

Words Unstable On The Table (2013)

9 June – 26 June Riverside Gallery This exhibition has been arranged in conjunction with the E-Poetry [2013] Festival at […]

Shape the Future (2013)

Image above by Paul Masotic SHAPE THE FUTURE Recycled Art Competition Exhibition dates:  Thursday 9 May – Wednesday 5 June […]

Design an ISOCULTURE (2013)

Michael Burton & Michiko Nitta Gallery 6 March – 26 May Daily 12noon -9pm Imagine a city of the future […]

Out of Mind. Back in Five Minutes (2013)

Created by Anne Armitage Sat 23 Feb – Tues 2 April 2013 Riverside Gallery Daily 12noon – 9pm 25 pieces […]

Take me to London ’12

Sat Jan 12 – Sun Feb 24, 2013 Daily 12 noon – 9pm Gallery “Take me to London!” is a […]

Goldsmiths Computational Studio Arts (2013)

Riverside Gallery Daily, Friday 18 January – Wednesday 20 February 2013 This show brings together a diverse range of work […]

exophonic1 (2012)

Lawrence Lek Site specific installation Tuesday 20 November 2012 – Friday 4 January 2013 Close your eyes and listen. Two […]


Tuesday 18 November 2014 – Monday 5 January 2015 enter is Watermans’ annual exhibition showcasing the emerging talent in the […]

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