Together in Hounslow

An exciting new programme for people in Hounslow

Author: Lucy Thurley
Friday, 26 February 2021

Creative People & Places (CPP) Hounslow, along with other CPPs across England, has been funded to create a programme of activity that addresses loneliness and isolation in our borough. This exciting opportunity seeks to improve people’s sense of connection, belonging and wellbeing and making them feel less lonely and isolated.

We felt the best way to tackle this was to run several projects concurrently.  Four projects were developed, offering local people opportunities to take part in groups, to be creative and to listen to music and conversation. Consortium partners Watermans, Hounslow Music Service and Hounslow Libraries are each leading a project with the fourth being led by local people through our network of Hounslow decision makers – members of the four Local Advisory Groups (LAG).

Feltham 2016, showing the power of connection
Image: Alex Brenner

Reflections on Resilience

LAG members got together (remotely, of course) to consider what was important for them when in addressing loneliness and isolation through creative activity. They wanted to make sure people who don’t have regular access to the internet were included and also wanted to do something that included conversation and sharing stories.  An idea of podcasts accompanied by postcards developed.

Called Reflections on Resilience, the project focuses on themes of change, resilience and hope. The series of three podcasts aims to create connection between the 6 interviewed local people, support listeners with tools and techniques for moving through challenging emotions such as loneliness, and create a safe container within which participants can express themselves. Uniquely created postcards and activities will accompany the podcasts, and these will be posted to people’s homes.

No Ticket Required

Watermans is delivering its No Ticket Required cinema club, a fortnightly online group that gives participants the chance to go deeper into film with Watermans’ resident cinephile Jon Davies.

Discussions take place on fortnightly Mondays at 8pm. By the Thursday prior, Watermans releases a short video from Jon Davies introducing the film. Jon will give a bit of background to the week’s film and ask some questions to get people thinking.

Participants then have until Monday to watch the film at home on an easily-accessible streaming platform such as Curzon Home Cinema or BBC iPlayer and to book your space on the video call.

On Monday at 8pm, everyone gets together on via video calling platform Zoom for a short presentation from Jon and a chance to discuss the film… as well as vote on what the next week’s film should be.

Hounslow Community Choir's Musical Director, Emma Taylor
Image: Alex Brenner

Till We Meet Again

Hounslow Music Service will take music into care homes – via recorded videos. There are three different kinds of video being produced: chamber concerts performed by children; sing-a-longs with Hounslow Community Choir leader Emma Taylor and professional musicians performing short concerts.   The project is called Till We Meet Again.

Till We Meet Again – Sing consists of two singalong programmes, each lasting around 25 minutes. Emma Taylor will create arrangements, backings, perform, record and edit each song. Lyrics will roll across the screen for residents to sing along if they wish. Till We Meet Again – Children will be two chamber concerts performed by children, each child will send a greeting to the older people, in their own words, as part of the performance. The performances will be edited and mastered to create 2 concerts and will last around 30 minutes. Till We Meet Again – Musicians will involve teachers and musicians recording concerts in a variety of genres and styles.

Connected by Books

Hounslow Libraries are going online to connect with books and residents. A series of Book Chat Sessions for residents will take place with an Author in Residence. This will be a place for people to meet to chat about books, reading and writing.  There is no set book, just a space for all to debate, chat and engage with other people who enjoy reading be it fiction, nonfiction or poetry. A place to discover new authors and friends.

To find out more about this new programme for Hounslow or to get involved email today.

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